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Thread: I Don't See The Hobble

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    Default I Don't See The Hobble

    The featured habit
    That Pete the Hobbit
    Cannot ever hobble

    Is all a picture
    From my mind
    To me

    For the words
    Convey the message
    That the mind
    Turns into visage

    So Pete the Hobbit
    Without the hobble
    Comes to be
    Because my mind
    Is in that habit

    It's all in the mind
    You see

    I write these seemingly silly verses to some to make a point concerning the manner in which we tend to see and hear what we want to. Pete the hobbit is apparently fictional but if my mind wants to make it real, my mind can also make it not limp.

    Recently, there have been several comments made concerning many recent day song lyrics and some from the past as being **** induced.
    We can argue for and against the issue but we will never know for sure
    the author's original intention. So we form "Thougt cubicles" where we say
    "Well it had to mean this" never really knowing but assuring ourselves that our "Looking Glass" is finely tuned and that is what he or she meant.
    Comments,sugestions and photos of hobbit sightings are welcome.
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