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Thread: Cuba Libre?

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    Your passion and patriotism are refreshing. I am so glad to hear someone speak of the good things that have come from Castro's government as most of what we hear of in the US are the bad things.

    I ask you to understand that the same problem appears to be in Cuba as well. Much of what you have pointed out as wrong in the US are not as clear as your government would like you to think. Bush stealing the election must be tempered by the realization that we do not elect our president by popular vote, but by an electorial college. A concept very foreign to many.

    My hopes for Cuba is that the people build a society where they weigh freedom of action with the risks that come from that freedom and find common ground where they are comfortable. A society where freedom of speach is not feared by government officials and those who disagree with the government do not have to cover their faces for fear of repriasals. It doesn't matter to me if you want to be communist, socialist, libratarian or democratic as there can be liberty tempered with security in all these types of societies.

    Best of luck to you and all your countrymen and women in moving forward in this new century and creating the type of post-Castro society we all can be proud of.


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    Default interesting article


    El gobierno de Cuba autorizó hoy la venta libre, con pesos convertibles, de computadoras, reproductores de DVD y otros electrodomésticos cuya comercialización estaba prohibida a los cubanos.

    Hasta el momento, las autoridades cubanas sólo permitían la compra de PCs a extranjeros y a empresas, mientras que los reproductores de DVD eran retenidos en Aduana hasta el año pasado.

    La venta de muchos aparatos eléctricos fue prohibida en los 90 debido a que el colapso de la Unión Soviética privó a Cuba de miles de millones de dólares y de suministro de petróleo, lo que produjo una escasez de energía que obligó a cortes de electricidad de hasta 18 horas diarias.

    Este período, conocido en Cuba como el "período especial", mejoró en los últimos años como consecuencia de un crecimiento económico y del aprovisionamiento de petróleo por parte de Venezuela.

    So Sandra this is the freedom you were talking about?

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