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Thread: Leading languages

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    Default Leading languages

    German language is one of the most spoken languages in within the European. Learning this language could lead your way to more advance world, since German is one of the leading country in the world. There are German language schools in the country which could help once learning. It gives enough education to everyone. The same thing with English learning in English langugage school, it is very important. The language is widely use for any purposes and for connecting ideas of everyone. Thus, it's good if you could learn this too in a bonafide learning institution. The Italian language school as well is having it's grandeur in learning the language. It's very important too, since its useful in the world of market and of the field of socializing people around the area. These three language schools could enhance the capabilities of the students anywhere they would go. Why not include yourself then?
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    This looks like a machine translation

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    Default leading languages

    I do not think that German is still one of the leading languages.
    It is spoken in Germany, Austria, and some parts of Switzerland.
    But even the Germans use the English language for their international trade.
    I think English is the nr.1 worldlanguage at the moment,
    closely followed by Spanish (and I'm not flattering).

    But the next generation may well have to learn ... Chinese!
    beste groeten - sincères salutations - kindest regards - atentamente - mit freundlichen Grüßen

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