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Thread: ARTICLE: Pokémon and the art of translating word-play

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    Default ARTICLE: Pokémon and the art of translating word-play

    Regarding the past trend of Pokemon GO all 'round the world, I was talking with a friend and we came to the thought that translating that APP to be used everywhere must have been a total nightmare for developers and localization specialists.

    Here's an article about this in particular: https://multilingualconnections.com/...t-translation/

    It goes to test the translation of word-play from Asian languages to Latin-based ones and how they managed to do it.

    Here's another one about the original names and their wordplay: Pokémon in Translation: Where Do Their Names Come From? - Creative Translation

    Now back to you!

    Do you know any techniques or what does it take to translate word-play 'to an fro' Asian Languages?

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    Default Re: ARTICLE: Pokémon and the art of translating word-play

    I really thought the names were completely universal :O

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