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Thread: Be fluent in second language in 6 months technique.

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    Default Be fluent in second language in 6 months technique.

    This guy came up with this theory that he claims it works, what do you all think?¿Te parece imposible aprender un idioma en solo 6 meses? Te aseguro que todos pueden lograrlo | Upsocl

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    Default Re: Be fluent in second language in 6 months technique.

    I don't know. Seems like a lot of nonsense, if you ask me. Just a guy who had to present a class to a group of students and talked a lot of theory and little practicality, and contradicted himself in the process. He said immersion doesn't work because "you don't understand anything being said" then later says "soak up everything you hear even if you don't understand it." Isn't that immersion? He seems to be talking to people who will be going to a foreign country, not learning in their own country. His message of "pay attention to what is relevant to you" is elementary. His suggestion that you get a "language parent" is much easier said than done.

    Fluency in six months in a language you know nothing about? He's right...I think he's crazy....at the very least he is over-simplifying language learning. Maybe his idea if "fluent" is different than mine.

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