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Thread: Juegos Mentales - Mind Games

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    I think know what you are saying analaura.

    My brother, God rest him, had brain surgery for a tumor and the surgery irreparably damaged his brain, resulting in a condition called aphasia, which caused him to speak nonsensically. He'd utter paraphasias, i.e., words that were not what he meant. He'd call a car a tree, or a dog an elephant...stuff like that. He knew what he WANTED to say but just couldn't get the right words out.

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    Hi Vicente
    Sorry to hear that. It must have been very hard, because itīs very frustrating for the patient himself and also for the family, because thereīs nothing you can do about it. Itīs really amazing how everything comes from the brain, Iīve been reading about neuroscience and our brain is a whole world...

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