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Thread: We learned from our experience

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    Default We learned from our experience

    When looking for a mobile broadband deal, we must understand and scrutinize first the service providers. To see if that service provider would a good and reliable business partner. We can do this by looking onto their permits, certifications and reviews from other service provider's customers.

    WE need also to inform the current service provider about the decision to a highly possible change of service provider. Try to inform the current service povider a month ahead or more especially when large amount of money is involved. Tell them about the plans of moving out so they could also plan what actions to be done during the
    "moving out phase".

    Try also to ask the current service provider for advice on what you should do. If the company has a good relationship with the current service provider, I'm sure they would get the necessary help needed. Always go for the deal that would serve the interest of the company.
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    Default Re: We learned from our experience

    Hi Trev! Not sure what you were aiming at when you posted these few paragraphs...

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