I see there is an existing thread on Burmese at Burmese (Kachin dialect); however, I've been having trouble managing projects into this language.

I'm pasting below what I've found so far at this page from MemSource's Support Team https://help.memsource.com/customer/...roubleshooting. I'll be testing it myself and will keep you posted on any further updates. Meanwhile, sit back and relax!

The best chance is (apart from upgrading to Windows 10) to use Zawgyi-One font and keyboard.
There are two ways how to translate to Burmese:
  • in Web Editor using Chrome (Windows 8 and higher): the Zawgyi-One must be set in Chrome as default font and user can translate in Editor using all its online features. However rendering of the Zawgyi-One is not perfect and reading the text may be sometimes difficult.

  • Other way to translate into Burmese is to download Bilingual Docx and translate in Word using Zawgyi-One font. But in this way the linguist will not be able to use online features (Translation memory, QA check...)