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Thread: MemSource now supports Quark TAG files!

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    Default MemSource now supports Quark TAG files!

    Just a heads-up that MemSource has started supporting TAG and XTG files since a few months back. If you need more, please visit their blog at the special link Support for QuarkXPress files – TAG and XTG | The Official Memsource Blog.

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    Default Re: MemSource now supports Quark TAG files!

    This is amazing news gentle. Great breakthrough that will help a lot with quark files. The Trados "in-between" step can be forgotten!
    However, I still have a few doubts, and will wait to upload my first .tag to memsource to believe it

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    Default Re: MemSource now supports Quark TAG files!

    As a Graphic Designer I'm wondering how translated files will look like. I mean, Im afraid we would have to fight to mirror the layout to the source files

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