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Thread: Google Translate

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    Default Google Translate

    Hi Gang!

    Which side of the fence are you on when it comes to machine translations? See what Google's been up to in that regard and feel free to throw your two cents in!

    Translating Websites with Google

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    Default Re: Google Translate

    Not sure which one is correct: machine translation or manual one? Sometimes Google translation is really useful, but when its about business, its better to take professional's help.

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    Default Re: Google Translate

    I´ve had some really bad experiences with Google translate, but at the same time I can usually at least understand the message of the content. If you´re looking for a basic understanding of content I think it´s fine but I would not compare it to a human translator.

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    Default Re: Google Translate

    Hola a todos.

    ¿Por qué hay que elegir una u otra?

    Creo que en la actualidad funcionan las dos, aunque son muy distintas.

    La traducción profesional o humana es necesaria para cierto tipo de documentos o contenidos sensibles o de gran importancia.

    Pero si tan solo buscamos entender la idea central y saber si un sitio web, por ejemplo, nos puede ser útil en una investigación, la traducción automática, casi instantánea, nos da la respuesta en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Luego veremos si seguimos avanzando con este sitio (mediante una traducción profesional).

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    Default Re: Google Translate

    I've used google translate to write things out for me in Spanish. I speak Spanish and write it well, there are times that I find myself stuck in how to translate a word from English to Spanish and I will use google translate. Or sometimes when I'm trying to say something from English to Spanish, I'll put it in google translate it and then modify it so that it actually makes sense, because just like amayo said you usually understand the message of the contents but it doesn't sound right when you read it. So I edit it.

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