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Thread: Gala Miami 2013: Spanish SEO and Online Marketing for the Hispanic Market

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    Spanish Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing for the Hispanic Market

    Trusted Translations Presentation on SlideShare: Trusted Translations @ GALA Miami - Hispanic Online Marketing

    The Hispanic Market is one of the largest minority segments in the United States with proven purchasing power and online presence. Given the U.S. Hispanic’s strong integration into the U.S. culture coupled with their original heritage, their behavior online is unique.

    This presentation will walk you through the nuances of reaching and communicating with the U.S. Hispanic community online. I will talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies based on your (or that of your client’s) particular objective, budget and target market. In particular, I will address the critical decision to focus on language (U.S. Hispanic Spanish), geographic location of the target market (Geographic SEO) or both. This fundamental decision will have a direct impact on your on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization strategies.

    It is important to clarify the consequences of these two approaches and which one is the better for your company or your clients. We will try to sumarize the best practices for doing On Site and Off Site SEO when the main approach is Multilingual SEO (Language) and when the main approach is International SEO (Geographical and Local SEO).

    I will explain how to integrate your Spanish SEO Strategy with your Paid Per click campaigns to generate a Search Engine Marketing Strategy (Spanish SEM) and how to use Social Media as part of your SEO campaign through SOCIAL SEO and not just for Social Media Optimization.

    Finally I will show how to adapt a particular Spanish SEO strategy for the Hispanic Market in the U.S. as part of an overall Online Marketing strategy.

    Press Release:Trusted Translations Presents at GALA Miami on Hispanic Online Marketing

    Translation Blog Post
    : Trusted Translations at GALA 2013 Miami Conference

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    Default Re: Gala Miami 2013: Spanish SEO and Online Marketing for the Hispanic Market

    Nice strategy. I read out your interesting and informative ideas. Its dead easy and pretty difficult to go wrong. Sure this will be referenced long into the future...thanks for sharing this...
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