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Thread: GMX - Global Information Management Metrics Exchange

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    Arrow GMX - Global Information Management Metrics Exchange

    Every time the industry agrees on a standard I love it as it makes our lives simpler.

    For instances:

    TMX, is the standard related to TM exchange
    TBX, is the standard related to Term Base exchange

    Now, it seems to be the time to estandarize the way in which we make wordcounts: GMX

    Also, we all know that word and character counts are not the only measure of a given localization task. Thus, GMX comprises three standards:

    GMX-V (for volume) establish a verifiable way of calculating the wordcounts. One of the main problems with calculating word and character counts is the sheer range of differing proprietary file formats. Such a common format is available through the OASIS XLIFF standard, which is now supported by all of the localization tool providers.

    GMX-Q (for quality) will deal with the level of quality required for a task.

    GMX-C (for complexity) will take into consideration the source and format of the original document and its subject matter.

    Keep updated!

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    Would this end the discussion between which counts better, either Word or Trados?
    I've counted the same text with both and always get different results...it was about time we standarized this!

    Thanks TopNotch!

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    Default Gmx

    Thanks for the info...but just one question...what does GMX stand for? Considering that TMX is Term Base Exchange and TBX is Term Base Exchange?

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