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Thread: Linking Practices

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    Question Linking Practices


    I don't speak Spanish and am using machines to translate my web site www.make-biodiesel.orr/es/ into Spanish. I've had a little help, but not much as most of you will notice right away.

    My question is about link lists. What is the convention, is there one? When in Spanish and linking to an English language link, do I leave the link text in English or translate it to Spanish? or do I make some graphic saying, "en InglÚs". What is the best way to identify a link that links to a site in a language different from the referer?

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    Hello Rick,
    I'm not sure if there are conventions in Spanish, but I think your second option (translating the text and explaining that it's in English) is the most reasonable. This way the reader knows what the link is about but also knows that it's in English. I hate it when I see a link and when I click on it it's on a different language.
    Hope it helps.

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    Rick, I think andreap is right. In my opinion and experience, links are left in the original language. It's not a bad idea to clarify that the link included in a, let's say, Spanish text is not in Spanish, so readers are aware of that.
    Have a nice week!

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