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Thread: Which software application to use for .rc files and Online Help files

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    Default Which software application to use for .rc files and Online Help files

    Hello everybody

    I am doing a test for a translation company specialized in software and website localization and, besides the usual translation tests, I have to answer a number of questions.

    I am given 3 samples (A, B and C). Firstly, I have to name the file type of each sample. I think A is an html file, B is an Online help file and C is a resource file (.rc, programmed in C++). Secondly, I have to highlight in the texts what needs translating (already done, I have avoided any codes/tags) and finally, to say which software application I would generally use to translate each text.

    I think Trados TagEditor would be the best option for the html text, so as to avoid removing any of the codes/tags (or to edit them if necessary). But is TagEditor the right application to use with samples B and C (online help file and resource file)? Or should I use, for example, "Catalyst"? Un fortunately I am not familiar with these tools, I have only used Trados Workbench and T-Window, so I am quite lost... but keen to learn.

    Many thanks in advance for your help,

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    I'm not sure if Catalyst wouldn't be the one to use with the online help file...I'm more familiar with TagEditor though and if I had to do it in real life I would use TagEditor first.

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