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Thread: Translation Joke

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    A Spanish speaking bandit held up a bank in Tucson. The sheriff and his deputy chased him. When they captured him, and the sheriff, who couldn't speak Spanish, asked him where he'd hidden the money. "No sé nada," he replied.

    The sheriff put a gun to the bandit's head and said to his bi-lingual deputy: "Tell him that if he doesn't tell us where the money is right now, I'll blow his brains out."

    Upon receiving the translation, the bandit became very animated. "ˇYa me acuerdo! Tienen que caminar tres cuadras hasta ese gran arbol: allí está el dinero."

    The sheriff leaned forward. "Yeah? Well..?"

    The deputy replied: "He says he wants to die like a man."

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    Default Re: Translation Joke

    I think that the deputy didn't want to walk nor dig. ja.

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