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Thread: legal forms

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    Default legal forms

    I need help! wen title of a form says__
    IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE TWENTIETH CIRCUIT IN AND FOR COLLIER COUNTY. The in and for is what we are having disagreement with, some think it should only say vigesimo circuito del condado, otros dicen debe decir--en y para el condado

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    Default Re: legal forms

    ¡Hola Maricusa! Bienvenida al foro / Hi Maricusa! Welcome to the forum

    Creo que tendrías mejores resultados si publicas esta consulta en el foro: English to Spanish Legal Translation. / I think you'd get better results if you post this question at the forum: English to Spanish Legal Translation.

    Espero que pueda servirte de ayuda. / Hope this could be of help.

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