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Thread: Greets and some questions

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    Default Greets and some questions


    That is correct no but the ? should be flipped...


    I live in Australia and want to move to Montevideo Uruguay.
    So i must learn Spanish no? [yes ]
    I love this country but it is becoming too much like el? 'estados unidos'
    Montevideo is about as far away from the troubles of the world that this weary geopolitician can find.
    The Spanish culture calls to my bones. German too but Spanish more.
    Maybe my dad who is Nicolae Manole is the key.. I have heard there is a fountain in Spain called 'manole' I do know of manoli but not related hmmm?
    Dad was born in Cluj Romania. And Romanians have roots back to Spain no?

    So What is Montevideo like?
    I'm sure some here know. What an adventure.

    Traditional farewell is Vaya con Dios correct?
    But i am not a catholic or even religious.
    But i do believe in god. Tho i love catholicism for it's hugely rich tapestry.
    A work of art. Thus as a movie buff. Constantine is an all time fav.
    [thats a pot stirer]

    If i wish to say
    'Go with the designer'
    do i say "Vaya con disenador"
    or is designer modified by grammer to disenados.

    Wow i ramble, a big 1st post.

    Joachim Alexander Boaz.... J4B
    [neat sig eh]

    Nice avatar selection. That shot looks like 'way of the dragon' Lee and Norris..
    I have as divx short [30 mb] that action scene. One of the all time great combats on film. Even Clint Eastwood said so. So it must be true...
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    Default Re: Greets and some questions

    Wow 24 hours later

    None answers

    Thats really bad mojo
    The whole going to south america thing is a great adventure.

    Now , not so much
    i should cry but im too old

    Maybe i need to say Franco was a hero and a real man .. not some ***** whipped liberal
    i get a reply...lol
    Yep My IQ is what you sit in to get shade
    It was never meant to be this way but it always seems to get here.

    People only seem to respond when you question their right to believe garbage

    Mr faulty orraly was here
    What? orraly he come here
    he fix door,,what?
    orraly fix door no more door

    speak english manuel .. what
    no english from barcelona
    orraly fix door


    The above is from memory 20 years old... brains are great stuff

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    Default Re: Greets and some questions

    I have but few years
    What duration i have allocate to this forum is now past.
    The cybernetcists say i have to like 2015 before total systemic collapse.
    metal can only replace so much life. 40 million euros. id;s pay 10times that for guarantee of one more month week day
    Adios and Vaya con dios
    Il be there before you

    guess my adventure will be mine... in montevideo

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    Default Re: Greets and some questions

    Hi Joachim! I've just read your post today! Sometimes it takes a while to see a post... Espacially over the weekend!
    I guess there aren't many people here from Uruguay... I'm from Argentina, which is close, but I don't know a lot about Uruguay. I've only been to Montevideo once, so I wish I could say more, but... Here's what I know about it!
    What I really liked about Montevideo is that you have the beach really close... I was staying in a hotel down town, and I always walked to the beach...
    I don't know about the "vaya con Dios" thing... I haven't heard many people say that... Well, only old people! Lol! Just a simple "Adios" or "Que tenga un buen dia" should be ok...
    And the other one is "Vaya con EL diseņador"... Still, they will understand

    Well, I hope it's not too late, and you still want to go to Montevideo...


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