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Thread: Buenas dias amigos!

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    Default Buenas dias amigos!

    Yo soy nuevo en this forum. Espero repasar mi lecciones en espanyol y move on from my (very) basic Spanish to a more practical and conversational level.

    I took Spanish lessons ages ago and I have forgotten most of what I have learned due to lack of practice. I am hoping that by immersing myself in this forum, I will re learn the basics of speaking grammatically correct Spanish.

    I believe I have a decent grasp of the English language as well so maybe I can help those who want to learn English in return. If you have questions about grammar or if you just want to have short conversations, feel free to send me messages. Oh but don't expect much in the spelling department cuz I'm no good at that.

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    Default Re: Buenas dias amigos!

    Hi and welcome! Hope we can help each other

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