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Thread: Hi all!

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    Smile Hi all!


    I am obviously new here, and stumbled upon this site. So far I really like what this site has to offer, and I am sure I can learn a lot here!

    I have taken a few Spanish classes in high school, and used an online game for awhile that was made in Argentina. I am around Spanish a lot at work, and am currently hanging out with someone from Veracruz Mexico. So my desire to learn even more Spanish is greatly accented at this time.

    I am going back to school(University) this fall, and I am going to double major in English/Spanish. I figure I should come here to get a head start.

    Sorry for the lengthy introduction. :O


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    Default Re: Hi all!

    Hi KillerTDI,

    It seems to be a nice start. Spanish is an important and really interesting language to learn. You'll discover a lot of writers and artists. Cortázar, Perez-Reverte, Llorca, Almodovar among many many others.
    If you have any requests or issues, feel free to ask us. It will be a pleasure to help you to handle this marvellous language.


    PS: Nice worm. A game as funny as lemmings. But these ones are a little more nasty. haha
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