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Thread: Ello all.

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    Default Ello all.

    Hello everybody. I can speak Spanish pretty good and thank my father for taking me to Mexico every year when I was a kid. My fathers family always spoke Spanish to me when I was in Mexico even though they where fluent in English as well. The only issue I have is with writing in Spanish, which bring me to this forum. My father's mother passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 80 and could not attend the funeral since my company had a huge network crash which needed all the help to get back on its feet.

    I want to write a letter to my father's family in Mexico but I can not place my sorrows and feeling on paper. I don't want to mess things up and make it worse by having them trying to understand what I am saying. I learned a lot from my vacation days when I was a kid in Mexico. She taught me about respect and hardship raising four sons and three daughters (one of which is my father). All have become professionals and stayed close as a family. I have tried a few free online translators but some of the words are misplaced or they just add fluff.

    This is a great site to get some education on writing and maybe meet new friends.

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    Default Re: Ello all.

    Hi segura01! Welcome to the forum!
    Why don't you post your letter and your translation and we'll have a look at it and help you with some correction (if any).

    BTW, I'm sorry about your grandma.


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    Default Re: Ello all.

    Hello segura01

    Mem is right. Please post your letter and rest assured you will get plenty of help!!

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