Following the latest web technology improvements, we have decided to incorporate our forums into the World of Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarks are similar to bookmarks in navigators, but users can share them with other people who have similar interests organizing them by category and tags.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking:
Our favorite pages are saved on the network instead of our PC. Thus, you can consult them from anywhere with Internet access.It offers a faster way to follow our topics of interest and share them with others.Using tags is much more flexible than saving them in folders.

Social Bookmark English Spanish Translator Org:
We would like to invite you to add our forums to the most popular "Social Bookmarking" pages:, Digg, Google Bookmarks, Technorati, Furl, Netscape, Yahoo and others helping our community continue its growth. It is likely that in order to use this service you will have to register as a user; if you are already registered you can add us directly by clicking on the links at:

This will help our community promote further development.

Thank you so much!