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Thread: I am offering for translation papers I have written in English

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    Lightbulb I am offering for translation papers I have written in English

    For those who like my material, please copy it in Spanish. I would like to be able to give my material to all, including those who speak and read Spanish. If you could, please send me a True Spanish copy of any material you like. I will then have something to give to those Spanish persons I meet. Do copy and give my material to all in your community.

    Little Girl Innocence - A way to help girls better understand how Males are different due to sociological reasons and how to maintain better innersecurity.

    Learning theory - It offers two very large cognitive tools we can all use to continually improve thinking, learning, and mental/emotional health.

    Grand Hope - This one is a paper I compiled from another source, not my own information. It is simply my verbal picture I present in person to others. It show how the Bible is like a very beautiful picture that cannot be seen correctly unless you look at it from the proper perspective. Then it all comes together.

    I have others I hope to also translate into Spanish for all the Spanish persons who would like it in my area. Please send copies to your friends.
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