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Thread: Hello from Texas.

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    Post Hello from Texas.

    I just need to communicate with a youtube subscriber to get permission from him to use a piece of music for a youtube slide video background music. He's from Argentina, his english is poor, my Spanish is non-existant!

    Please any assistance to translate simply-

    "Uschi, I wish your permission to use your beautiful youtube music video translation WOLGALIED in a youtube slide video for background music, thank you, Dave Cooper. Please email me at dcoop00@yahoo.com to let me know, thank you."

    I'm almost 60, a recluse and it's too late to start learning a second language at this age.

    Thanks, any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Hello from Texas.

    "Uschi, desearía que me dieras permiso para usar tu linda traducción del video musical WOLGALIED de Youtube en un video de Youtube con diapositivos y como fondo musical. Muchas gracias, Dave Cooper. Por favor, envíame un correo a dcoop00@yahoo.com con tu respuesta. ¡Muchas gracias!"
    And as for your sixties...It's never too late mi friend! ;-)

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