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Thread: que bola mi gente

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    Cool que bola mi gente

    hello everyone, i am new to this site and hope to get some great feed back, i have recently got in touch with my mother side of the family and come to find out they are from santiago de cuba and ever since them i have been so into the cuban culture and language, i lveo it, i love the caribbean all together, but seeing i have a cuban bacground i would like to see ifthere fellow cubans out there to help me with cuban language, not just slang but i know they may have different ways to say things and i want to sound more like my realitives and i talk to them often and picking up alot but i want more i want all i can get, so if anyone can help i would love to hear ur feed back !! thank you everyone

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    Default Re: que bola mi gente

    Hey eltorito! welcome to the forum. I will be happy to help you. I don't have much time to spend on the forum but I would love to be of some help!
    C U around!
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