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Thread: Greetings from Santa Fe, NM

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    Default Greetings from Santa Fe, NM

    Hello to everybody!

    Like Fernando, I'm not much for forums, yet I want to know about what people are doing, and I want to be able to request help with problems in translation. My thanks, then, in anticipation.

    I'm currrently translating Álvaro Pombo's (Spain) Contra Natura, with substantial editing from my associates, Héctor Magaña (Chile) and Ramsey McGlazer (USA), who both collaborated with me on the translation of Diamela Eltit's (Chile) [/I]Infarto del alma[I], published in the US last year.


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    Default Re: Greetings from Santa Fe, NM

    Hi Ronald,
    Welcome! This is a great forum, hope we can learn from each other.


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