My name is Rick and I presently have a pen pal in Danli, Honduras. She is a professional person (attorney).

She writes me messages in Spanish and I use Google or whatever to translate her thoughts. However, there are many things that do not translate well, such as "mi cielo," because they are idiomatic. I came to this site to get those phrases properly translated.

So, that's my purpose. I am a retired lawyer, live in central Indiana and love retirement because I am catching up on a hundred things I could not do before.

I do not speak Spanish and I do not expect to visit any places south of the border. I have taken 3 years of German, a year of French, a course in Farsi, etc. But I lived in those countries when I was an international airline pilot. I correspond with my pen pal to help her with various matters. I am sort of a mentor for her.

Look forward to your insights.