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Thread: Hello, Erik here.

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    Cool Hello, Erik here.

    I'm an avid salsa dancer and in order to reach the next level of dancing excellence I need to know the songs better, in particular, what they're saying. I know a lot of people have learned another language by watching foreign TV and listening to foreign music and hopefully I can do the same. I've attempted to learn spanish a couple times in the past but lost contact with those I was learning from and you know how it goes, "use it or lose it"; I've lost most of it. I need help translating this stuff because Google translate isn't gettin' it - too literal. I'm hoping some ambitious spanish speakers can help me out and translate a song from time to time. It may sound easy but some of this stuff may have a lot of Cuban and Puerto Rican slang. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Hello, Erik here.

    Hey, Erik. Whatever you need and I can help you with, just ask!

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