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Thread: Could someone please translate this sentence

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    Default Could someone please translate this sentence

    Hi, as the title says if you can please.

    'La cruzada antitabaco de Zapatero y su Ministra de Sanidad, Jiménez, está adquiriendo tintes tan demagógicos que, antes de tarifar con ellos a todos los
    efectos, he intentado darles la razón, a ver qué pasaba.'

    You will be ghelping me alot! Thank you.

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    Default Re: Could someone please translate this sentence

    I can but try:

    The anti-tobacco crusade of Zapatero and his Minister of Health, Jiménez, is taking on such a hue of demagoguery that, before quarreling with them and all that would involve*, I tried admitting they were right to see what transpired**.

    *Literally "to all the effects". It's used in legal documents for inclusion. I'm guessing here. Where's a native speaker when you need one?

    ** or, possibly, Let’s see what happened – depending on the subsequent context.
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