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Thread: i need help !

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    Exclamation i need help !

    i need to translate this, please help me :


    Existe un echo que predomina entre nosotros, espero que podamos cambiarlo, pero no tengo intención de hacerlo para mi propio beneficio y este es que sólo en los momentos difíciles la gente empieza a comprender lo difícil que es ser dueño de sus sentimientos y pensamientos, en estos momento es este de hecho un requisito, una transición elemental para ser capaz de darse cuenta de que cada uno de nosotros tiene la capacidad de pensar por nosotros mismos (sé que lo intentaste y crees tener la libertad de hacerlo, pero mira tu entorno , mira a tu alrededor y analiza la constante influencia que recibes )

    here is my try:


    There is a dominating fact now among us, I hope we can change it,
    but I do not intend to do this for my own benefit, this is: that only during hard times do people come to understand how difficult it is to be master of their feelings and thoughts, in this times this is a indeed a requisite, one elemental transition to be able of realize that each of us has the ability to think for ourself (I know you tried and think may you have the freedom to do it, but look at your environment, look around you and analyze the influence constant)

    please fix it, if its necessary or propose an new entry.
    [i need perfect grammatical sense.]

    thank you !

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    Default Re: i need help !

    Am I too late?

    I did this first without looking at your translation. When I read yours, I liked the use of "master" better than my "owner". I started to put "hard times". I don't know why I changed it to "time of trouble". Perfect grammatical sense is a little daunting. Even the original isn't perfect.


    There is a fact looming between us. I hope we can change it, but I have no intention of doing so for my own benefit. Only in time of trouble do people begin to understand how difficult it is to be the owner of thoughts and feelings. In these moments it is, in fact, a fundamental transition to realize that each of us has the capacity to think for ourselves (I know you tried it and believe you are at liberty to do so, but watch your environment – glance around and analyze the continual influence you receive)
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