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Thread: Please, help!

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    Red face Please, help!

    Please, help!

    Hello to everyone I'm increasing my level of english, so I need to have for tomorrow an interview in standard english (UK) language(not colloquial).
    Please, can you correct me that? (please minucious and exact correction if it can be, it's really important, that's why I'm reporting that there):

    Carlos: Today we have the profesional goalkeeper called Sergi. He has been playing in Football Club Barcelona for the last 3 years.
    Carlos: Hello Sergi. Welcome to our program.
    Sergi: Hello. Thanks.
    Carlos: Sergi; what have you been doing recently?
    Sergi: I've been playing football in Barcelona. It's a wonderful city. I've never left my city.
    Carlos: Nice. And what else have you been doing there?
    Sergi: I've been participating in non-lucrative organitzations against the AIDS and I've been creating various centers all around the world about learning football.
    Carlos: That's fantastic! Let's talk about another topic. And what about your home and family?
    Sergi: Well... Almost all my family is okay but my father not at all. He's in a hospital with serious health problems. Meanwhile my first son has been borned at the same hospital one week ago, so we're quite cheerful.
    Carlos: We all hope you good luck with your father and son. This is the last question: what about your relationships?
    Sergi: As I said, my wife has just had our first son and we're very happy all together.
    Carlos: Nice. We're delighted of having you there with us and we all hope you the best. Thank you very much for coming!
    Sergi: Thank you too!

    Thank you too in the advance!

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    Default Re: Please, help!

    No entiendo qué es lo que quieres que hagamos con esa entrevista...

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