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Thread: en campaña para

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    Question en campaña para

    Hello everybody, I want to translate the sentence:

    Estoy en campaña para conseguir más participantes para la competencia.

    My version in English would be:

    I am running a campaign in order to find more participants for the contest.

    Can anybody give me a different version?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: en campaña para


    The sentence sounds like a caption to a satirical cartoon or something Groucho Marx might have said. If so I wouldn't have any doubts translating it as follows. Otherwise please provide us with more context.

    Estoy en campaña para conseguir más participantes para la competencia.

    I am running to get more people (or candidates) for the opposition


    I am in the campaign to get more contestants for my competitors (or opponents)
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    Default Re: en campaña para

    Here are some options, you can interchange sentences.

    I'm rallying to get more people into the competition.
    I'm running a campaign to get more players into the competition.
    I'm campaigning to enroll more players for the tournament.

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    Default Re: en campaña para

    I think Mario's options sound great!

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