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Thread: could somebody please translate this for me, thanks

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    Default could somebody please translate this for me, thanks

    Hola!! Hoy Estuve Con Tu Gente Todo El Dia, Estan Bien, Mejor Que Tu, Tu Papa Realmente Preocupado, Hasta Un Dolor De Cabeza Muy Fuerte Le Dio, Parece Le Subio La Presion, Pero En General Esta Excelnte. Indescriptible El Buen Rato Que Pase, Hasta Comi Con Ellos.
    Hubo Problemas Con Lo Que Sabes Del Trabajo, Me Mandaron Un Email, Tengo Que Llegar A Donde Vivo Para Solucionarlo, Pero... Sabes?? Hoy Me Alegro Y Creo Que Las Cosas Siempre Pasan Por Algo, Te Acuerdas Los Focos Rojos?? Ahi Esta... Menos Mal Que Siempre Estuve Clara. Estoy Realmente Desconcertada, Y ... No Tengo Palabras.
    Acuerdate: Lo Del Trabajo No Tiene Por Que Afectarse, Yo Tengo Palabra, Claro, El Nivel De Confianza Ha Bajado Considerablemente, Por No Decir Que Esta En Cero. Hubo Mentiras Innecesarias, La Verdad. Y ... De Corazon Te Digo, Lo Que Menos Quisiera Es Causarte Problemas Personales O Inestabilidad, Eso Nunca Y No Importa Si Has Decidido Bien O Mal En Tu Vida, Son Tus Decisiones Y Lo Que Has Querido, Eso Se Respeta, Para Bien O Para Mal, Si Eso Te Ha Hecho Sentir Comodo Y Bien Hasta Hoy... Por Favor, No Hay Discusion. Solo Te Pido Una Cosa: No Me Subestimes, Eso... No Lo Soporto, Trabajaremos Juntos, Pero... Las Condiciones Y Metodos Cambiaran Y Ya Lo Hablaremos.
    Cuidate Mucho!

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    Default Re: could somebody please translate this for me, thanks

    Hi! I've spent all day with your folks. They are fine, better than you. Your father is really worried, he even got a strong headache, it seems that his blood pressure rose, but despite that he is terrific. I had a great time, I even had lunch with them. There were some problems related to those things about work that you already know, I received an e-mail and I must go home to solve it, but... know what? Today I'm happy and I believe that nothing happens by chance. Do you remember the red lights? You see... At least I've always been clear. I'm taken aback and... I'm speechless. Remember: you don't have to affected by that work issue, I have the floor. Of course the trust level has considerably gone down if not to zero. There were some unnecessary lies, to tell the truth. And... Sincerely I tell you, the last thing I want is to cause you personal problems or instability, I never wanted that, and it doesn't matter the if decisions you made in your life were good or bad, they are your decisions and what you wanted, and they must be respected, be it good or bad, if they made you feel comfortable and fine until today... Please, there is no argument. I just ask you one thing: don't underestimate me, this... I can't stand it. We'll work together, but... the conditions and methods have changed and we'll discuss that soon.
    Take care!

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