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Thread: help translating comments on a picture

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    Default help translating comments on a picture

    Hey all,

    new to this forum. I have a picture and some comments on it but do not know what they say.

    comment 1: ME LO BAJASTE

    comment 2: se los ganee a todas

    comment 3: pido pidoo

    comment 4: jaja callese iluego con anthony

    comment 5:uuu bibi ana hasta con novioo salio..

    comment 6: cuidadoooo (name) !!

    thanks a bunch

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    Default Re: help translating comments on a picture

    c1- you stole (it, him or her) from me!
    c2- I won him from you all -or- I won them fairly
    c3-I want, I want -or- gimme, gimme
    c4- shut up, and then (go) to Anthony
    c5- ooooh Bibiana (girl's name) even has a boyfriend
    c6- watch out! ..name

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