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Thread: Could you help me with 3 songs, please?

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    Default Could you help me with 3 songs, please?

    Could you help me with this 3 songs, please?
    I think they are right, but I wanna be sure.

    1- Jane is crying on a grave, his mother lies there...
    so cold and pale like a dead rose
    priest is saying “faith comes to those who wait the miracle on prayer”
    while the rope is falling down to the underground, put the blame...
    on the Jesus fire
    on the natural law
    but let the bunch go go go go
    let the rocket lift off
    leave her all alone in the space trip, alone
    she must go alone
    rain is falling over there
    it's a spring day
    so many eyes to see
    so many lungs to breath
    but man, be happy for the love...
    you shared day by day
    no one will be able to take that from you, no...

    2- I ride on a steel horse... baby
    I play this song in the black old train
    destination anywhere
    I've left behind all the cocaine loves
    but I can't crash the four heads lion
    cold was my best friend when I cried drunked some nights
    the mirror told me I was blind
    but I found a pretty ***** called “Fly”
    we used to fuck in my car
    but she died one night
    now I'm so far away...
    miss Fly was an american star
    I say, baby, you were looking for a last sin
    you worked in porno... I was around
    you liked heroin, it was all you've found
    i remember the last night
    you give me an ordinary ring
    It's all I can tell...

    3-I'm sorry for you
    well, I belong here
    i don't need a friend like you
    I'm sorry for you
    not sorry for me
    I've been able to find a way out from you
    can you see the neon lights over my head now?
    look at me, man, I'm bigger than you, I'm higher than you
    try to fly so as you can feel you have not wings
    you pray to the deaf god
    hide your pride, tell your lies
    I will leave you my shine
    if what you want is a perfect crime
    no small thinks
    no saints
    I know you know I'm better
    What can I do with this scars?
    What can I do?
    what can you do with this scars?
    Whant can you do?
    Novocaine... I need novocaine...

    I know it's long... sorry...

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    Default Re: Could you help me with 3 songs, please?

    What's the question? Do you need to translate the 3 songs??? Sorry but I don't understand what you need.

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    Default Re: Could you help me with 3 songs, please?

    I want to know if the 3 songs are right.
    Thanks for your help.

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