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Thread: doubt!

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    Default doubt!

    Hi...i need help translating this:

    "Número de muertes al año a la edad indicada"

    could it be "Number of deaths over a year period at the age specified" ? or "Number of deaths over a year period at the specified age "

    I mean, as far as I understand, the word "specified" is an adjective and therefore has to be placed before the noun (age)...am i right?..


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    Default Re: doubt!

    I suggest:
    number of deaths per year at the specified age

    Specified can be a past participle used as an adjective, placed before: specified age

    or it can be a past tense verb, passive in this case: age specified (by someone)

    In this case, it doesn't make much difference.
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    Default Re: doubt!

    I agree that they are about the same

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