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Thread: Spanish To English Translation Help - Please :)

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    Default Spanish To English Translation Help - Please :)

    Any help would be much appreciated, I recieved a email from a Cuban friend today and am having difficulty translating it

    Hola, Espero que estes bien, al igual que toda tu familia y amistades. Quiero decirte que te extraño mucho, algo impresionante, pero no increíble, lo unico que te puedo decir es que no se como pasó, sólo se que te extraño. Y aprovecho estas líneas para confesarte algo; "cuando tu estabas llorando, a mi también me dió deseos de llorar". Me gustaría que sigiéramos en contacto, asi que espero noticias tuyas, y me puedes escribir a esta dirección y en cuanto yo pueda te respondo gustuosamente. Dale saludos a tu familia y amistades de mi parte, besos y cariños para tí

    Im having difficulty especially with the second sentance
    Please help, Thank you

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    Default Re: Spanish To English Translation Help - Please :)

    Hi friend I hope this translation helps you

    Best eragrd

    I hope you are doing well along with your family and friends. I wanted to tell that I miss you a lot (which is amazing but not incredible). The only thing I can tell you is that I don’t know how it happened, I only know that I miss you. Let me use these lines to confess something to you; seeing you crying made me feel like crying too. I want us to keep in touch, and I look forward to hearing from you. You can write me to this address and I’ll be happy to write you back as soon as I can. Please give my regards to your family and friends and hugs and kisses for you

    Truly, my dear young friends, you are a chosen generation. I hope you will never forget it.
    Gordon B. Hinckley

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