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Thread: Spanish to English

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    Default Spanish to English

    Could someone translate the following, please. I think there are some spellings errors, but online translation is very confusing.

    no quiero que te sientas mal y tampoco quiero que dejes de ser amiga pero es duro lo que te voy a desir yo no quiero pensar que te vusca por dinero o por cosas que ledas porque manana ba a aser una sena por la casa que acaba de rrentar y no se si ya te invito y no quiero que tu pienses que yo soy chismoso pero beo que pasas por lo que yo pase y ami me dolio y no quiero eso para ti

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    Default Re: Spanish to English

    Hola Loretta - espero esto te ayude

    I don’t want you to feel bad. Or to stop being her(his) friend: What I´m about to say is hard to hear: I would hate to think that she (he( is with you for money. Or for the things that you give her(him) . Tomorrow she(he) is going to offer a dinner at the house she(he) just rented, and I don’t know if you have already been invited . Please don’t. think of me as a gossip. I just saw you’re going through the same thing I went through
    And it hurts me because I don’t want that for you
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    Default Re: Spanish to English

    hmmm, the ending would be more like:

    I just saw you’re going through the same thing I went through and it hurt me and I don't want that for you.

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