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Thread: I really need help translating this (spanish to english)

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    Default I really need help translating this (spanish to english)

    ok... this might be kind of awkward... the general mood of the conversation was... i had just told him that i wanted to just be friends... and he said he would tell me how he how he felt someday when he learned english better. and then he wrote this. i'm sorry if the spacing is wrong... copy and paste was the best i could do. Thank you so much!

    espero que todo sea como antes
    y no solo basta decir las cosas ,tambien
    hay que hacerlo
    creo que los amigos tambien
    tienen que decirse las cosas claro
    como el dia de hoy,y bueno no tengo porque sentirme ofendido
    no deberia de estarlo ya que las veces que hemos podido conversar tu has sido muy amable conmigo y ni siquiera he podido darte las gracias
    creo que sera mejor saber que tengo una amiga muy sincera como tu
    y se que las coas a veces no salen como uno las quiere hace
    creo que no hay nada mas que decir esta noche
    se que tienes que ir a descansar,we have to do that

    Also... when he said goodbye he said this 'cuidate amiga'.

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    Default Re: I really need help translating this (spanish to english)

    I hope that everything could be like before and it isn’t enough to say things, they have to be done. I believe friends also have to say things clearly like today, and, well, I don’t feel offended, I shouldn’t be, already the times we have been able to talk, you have been very friendly, and I haven’t even been able to say “thank you”. I think it will be better to know I have a very sincere friend like you, and I know that things don’t always turn out like one wants, I guess there’s nothing more to say tonight. I know you have to rest.

    Take care, friend

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