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Thread: short paragraph

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    Default short paragraph

    hi...i need some help translating the following:

    Gusto en saludarlos
    En vista de que nuestros abogados se ha demorado mas de lo previsto con la versión del contrato les estoy enviando el “Contrato Standard” para que puedan ir revisándolo.
    Estimamos que estaremos firmando el contrato definitivo para principios de enero. Sin embargo podemos comenzar las actividades del proyecto, sin haber firmado el contrato, por medio de una Carta de Intención ( anexo archivo)

    Since our lawyers have a delay regarding the contract version I’m sending you the “Standard contract” so you can check it out. We think the signature of the contract will be at the beginning of January. However, we can start the project activities without having signing it through a letter of intent (see attachment).

    Best Regards

    What about: "Since our lawyers have taken more than we thought to send us the contract version I’m sending you the Standard contract so you can check it out" ????

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    Default Re: short paragraph

    Hi danii,
    I think both versions are correct.
    But if you want to use the second one, I'd say:

    "Since our lawyers have taken more time than we thought in sending us the contract version..."


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    Default Re: short paragraph

    Considering that our lawyers have delayed the contract longer than anticipated, I am sending a "Standard Contract" so you can review it.

    We are thinking of signing the final contract in the beginning of January. However, we can begin the project activities without having to sign the contract by way of Letter of Intent (see attachment).

    I am not sure of "versión del contrato," it seems to be a draft of the contract that needs to be revised compared to "contrato definitivo" which is the final contract. Need little more context for me to understand.
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