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Thread: En inglés, por favor?

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    Default En inglés, por favor?

    Mi abuelo me escribió a mí:

    "Se me juntaron varios problemas que he tenido que resolver cuanto antes, pero ya quedaron todos resueltos."

    Creo que lo quiere dice: "I put together several problems that I have had to resolve as soon as possible, but they are now all solved."

    Esta es correcto? Qué es la traducción literal y español?

    Y tambien, por favor, porqué hay el nombre "se" a principios de la frase?

    Muchas gracias!!!

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    Default Re: En inglés, por favor?

    I'd bet I know less than you. I expect you heard Spanish as a child, and I learned it as an adult. But I think maybe I know the answer. Juntarse is to meet. I think I'd say "I met up with a bunch of problems..." and the "se" is just part of the verb. Pero el sujeto es problemas. I guess literally it would be "A bunch of problems met up with me".
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    Default Re: En inglés, por favor?

    I would say:
    "a bunch of problems came up and I had to solve them as soon as possible, but now they are all solved"

    As regards your question, your sentence is written in a very common form of passive voice used in Spanish called "pasiva refleja"


    check this site to see how to use it

    hope it helps

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