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Thread: I Need Translation Quick

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    Default I Need Translation Quick

    hey guys i'm new to the fourm and i needed this translated to spanish for a friend in need. thanks great forum

    i am sorry that i have been acting so mean to you lately. i just had to change because i was starting to have real strong feelings for you and i know that you do not want that. so i had to give myself space so i would not offend you. and being mean and not talking to you was the only way i saw to stop careing for you so much. i once again i am very very sorry for treating you that way

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    Default My version

    Lamento haberme comportado tan mal contigo últimamente. Tuve que cambiar mi manera de actuar, porque comenzaba a sentirme muy atraído hacia ti, y sé que no es eso lo que quieres. Por tanto, decidí alejarme, para no ofenderte. Ser desagradable contigo y dejar de hablarte fue la única manera que encontré para dejar de interesarme tanto por ti. Te reitero, lamento muchísimo haberte tratado así.

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