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Thread: could I get this translated into english please?

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    Default could I get this translated into english please?

    te felicito porque los dos ultimos correos q me has enviado estan muy bien, si los puedo entender... porque los primeros que me mandabas me costaba mucho entenderlos jajaja.
    Hay algo que me tiene muy inquieta y quisiera saber que te paso a ti conmigo... porque me piensas y me extrañas tanto si tan solo compartimos unos dias y ni hablabamos casi, asi que ni conocerno pudimos?

    prometeme que vas aprender rapido el español para que cuando yo valla a Boston o tu vengas a colombia, todo pueda ser mejor!!!me lo prometes... asi que tienes hasta septiembre para hablar español... jajaja en en serio que te lo estoy escribiendo...

    Bueno te mando un beso muy grande!!!

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    congratulations on your advances. the Spanish in the last two emails has been very good, I have been able to understand what you wrote because the first ones you sent...I had a difficult time trying to figure them out. hahahaha .
    There is something that makes me uneasy and I would like to know what happened, why you think of me and miss me so much if we only shared for a few days and barely talked, we barely got to know each other.
    Promise me you will learn Spanish really fast so when I go to Boston or you come to Colombia everything can be better!! promise? so, you have until September to learn Spanish...hahaha, seriously, it's the truth I am writing.
    A really big kiss!

    So, Kris, as I can see you have not told her you're getting help for your letters...hahaha, you're cheating for sure. wait until she finds out!!
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    Congratulations because the last two mails you sent me were really good. I can understand them. The first ones you sent were difficult for me to understand ha ha ha.
    I would like to know what happened with us - it is making me restless. You think of me and you miss me so much and we only shared a few days and we hardly spoke. We didn`t get to know each other well.

    Promise me that you will learn Spanish quickly so when I come to Boston or you come to Columbia, everything will be better!! Promise me that..so you have until September to speak Spanish...ha ha ha I am serious about what I am writing.

    A big kiss!!!

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