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Thread: Azorín "El Escritor": More help please =D

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    Default Azorín "El Escritor": More help please =D

    Here is another line and its context that I am having trouble with. Any help is greatly appreciated

    Once again the sentence in question is in blue.

    De rato en rato me tumbo en un diván y contemplo el cielo, añil y ceniza. ¿ Y por qué había de saltar de improviso el evento impensado? Trabajemos día tras día ¿Dónde está nuestro Leteo? En el afán diario. O acaso, a través de la obra hacemos ese dolor más delicado.

    Thanks again to all that can help out

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    Hi spansih heather, this apparently comes from a poem and rhymes therefore you should take that into account when doing the translation. I think a good option can be :

    Why shall the unthought off event jump by surprise?

    Just a thougth...i hope it helps

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    Yep, I think Sergio's translation is good, since the poem is talking about daily routine. Why would the unexpected happen? We work everyday, our paradise are our daily efforts.

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    Thanks for your input and help on this tricky subject matter. I really appreciate it ;->

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