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Thread: Help in Spanish to English Translation Please

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    Default Help in Spanish to English Translation Please

    A very close friend who is from Bogota, Colombia wrote this knowing my Spanish is very limited and I'm not sure what he is saying- he's doing this on purpose. I was hoping someone can help with the translation. I will greatly appreciate it.

    This is it:

    "mi gatiko donde estas? te extraño mucho, me haces muchisima falta..no te imaginas cuanto te pienso, lo hago en todo momento. si me conecto al messenger es para ver si tuestas ahi y si abro mi correo es para ver si me has escrito algo... no me abandones tanto ...te mando mil millones de besos..NO TE IMAGINAS LO IMPORTANTE QUE ERES PARA MI EN ESTE MOMENTO DE MI VIDA.. es raro pero hermoso.. "
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    My Catty, where are you? I miss you very much, I need you a lot, you can't imagine how much I think of you. If I connect the MSN it's to see if you are there and if I open my mail if you have written something. Don't abandon me for so long. I send you millions of kisses.
    You can't imagine how important you are for me at this moment of my life. It's weird but wonderful.

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