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Thread: please help with these messges....

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    Default please help with these messges....

    I keep getting messages on facebook in Spanish but do not know who from...please can someone translate them for me. I think they contain some offensive words so would like to know what they mean so I can report them. Thankyou very much.

    tenia q ser el mas (NOT ALLOWED) en estos lares....
    aca estoy en londres con una flaka... tu si q eres el mas (NOT ALLOWED) con esta wua del face buk... jaja.. chu

    no se quien (NOT ALLOWED) seas si es tu flaka esta , dile q me deje de escribir (NOT ALLOWED) entonces (NOT ALLOWED) de (NOT ALLOWED) almenos pon tu nombre pe (NOT ALLOWED)......

    Note by Administrator: It' s not allowed that kind of vocabulary in the forum, given it is a translation text.
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    tenia q ser el mas (NOT ALLOWED) en estos lares....
    You had to be the.... around here
    I am here in London with a skinny girl! You are indeed the... with this thing of the facebook..

    I don't know who ----- are you or this skinny...ask him/her to stop writting me, so ..... at least write your name...

    Realmente, el destino del mundo depende, en primer lugar, de los estadistas y, en segundo lugar, de los intérpretes.
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