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Thread: please help with word

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    Cool please help with word

    Hi there. I have a girl that rides my school bus and other kids have been calling her a name that she wants badly to know the meaning of. I am not sure if it is spanish and I dont know how to spell it. She says it sounds like "bergeeda" which is phonetically spelled of course. I was thinking that the "b" could even be a "p" possibly. Can you help please?

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    Could it be "Perdida"?

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    I think Julio’s suggestion may very well be the word you are looking for. Even then, that word "perdida" in Spanish may have various connotations. Perdida could mean lost or disoriented: It may also refer to a girl or woman who lives a wasted life, and finally it may refer to someone who is missing (which is not de case here). I would suggest to your friend telling the rest of the bus riders that if they need to say something about her, she would appreciate their telling it to her face. Straight approach is probably the best cure. They will probably stop making fun of her (if that is indeed what’s going on).
    Good luck

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    Another option could be, assuming is an spanish expression the word "pendeja", that is a contemptuous for "little girl". It is not very offensive, at least in Argentina. It refers to pubian hair.

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