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Thread: Translate 'Le encanta' please

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    Default Translate 'Le encanta' please

    Hi All - could you please help translate.....

    • I have a French friend/contact, Anne, (who we met a couple of years ago in France) - she also speaks fluent Spanish (she used to live in South America).

    • It was her birthday recently and so we wished her well for the day, especially as she was not feeling happy.

    • A few days later it was my birthday and Anne messaged to wish me a happy birthday & Easter and wished me a good day.

    • Later that evening I replied : Thank you Anne - like yours, it was a nice but also a very different birthday. Stay safe, look after yourself and have a Happy Easter!

    • 2 days later - Anne sent the following message to me by mistake (I think she meant to send it to her Spanish friend, as I don't speak Spanish) -

    Le encanta "Thank you Anne - like yours, it was a nice but also a very different birthday. Look after yourself, stay safe and have a Happy Easter!"

    Can somebody please explain what you think Anne means as she is quoting my message to her friend.

    What is Anne saying to her Spanish friend about my message to her?

    In case it makes a difference - I am male.

    I would appreciate all translations and comments please - thank you.

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    Default -

    AlexKz Lots of folks who currently lurk because they dont speak Russian will be encouraged to join in the discussion. Just to add that Id be happy to translate English-language postings in this section of the forum into Russian well, err... a sort-of Russian.

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