ok wellim kinda just being nosey on this one! so if someone could tell me what it says i would appreciate it! its parialy in english & spanish! i dont understand the spanish! & i apoligize ahead of time if it says anything offensive! i say that cause of the person it came from isnt too.......well lets just say to caring of how she talks! but i really want to know! again thanks!"

"aww man i want to eat that fucken biscocho, well omg it is so fucken fun over here specially yesterday when i got here porque se ponen las bandas and i even danced with this fool but i was a little buzzed well anyways if i get leftover money te voy a comprar una gitara and omg un libro que tiene puras canciones de enanitos verdes,inspector y toda la chingadera ohh it teaches u how to play the songs and also it gives u the words and it is pretty easy
im at the cibernet de aqui pero lla nos vamos ok. take care and have fun
did u know que hoy es el internacional de sexo aqui no se si alla tambien pero hoy todos van a andar de cojelones...
ok got to go now bye love u

oh and this lil one too please......"how is la huerta" whats la huerta?