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Thread: Translation Quotes with Fuzzy and other repetitions.

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    Default Translation Quotes with Fuzzy and other repetitions.

    Hello everyone!

    I started this new thread since I am new to Trados and I was wondering if you could help me. Thanks in advance.

    There are agencies who ask translators rates for fuzzy matches and my problem is related to how to calculate them using Trados.

    To start with, when calculating repetitions, it is useful to do the 'analyze files' option, but how do you proceed? Do you need to use the TM that the agency provides you or there is no need? I am asking this since I am able to calculate fuzzy matches without using a TM (I mean 'internal fuzzy match leverage' option).

    Also, if I am not wrong, I understood that to do the word count, it could be done using Word software because Trados takes into account headings, footers, hidden hyperlinks, etc.

    Therefore, I would not know how to do a quote since I don't know how to tackle this situation with fuzzy and other repetitions with Trados. Also, I am confused if I should use Word or not for these cases.

    Again, thanks everyone for your time.
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