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Thread: Ayuda Por Favor

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    Hola....Can I get help translating the following:

    "Aqui el invierno esta siendo muy frio,mas que el año pasado,,pero nada comparable con el frio vuestro,a estado un amigo mio en navidad alli en canada y cuando llego de vuelta a españa iba en manga cortaa del frio que paso alli.un beso y buenas noches!!!"

    Does this sound like this person has visited Canada during Christmas? Or are they referring to when the person they are speaking to returns to Spain?

    Does it sound like they are upset?

    Muchas gracias!

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    This is saying that "this Winter is very cold here, more than last year, but nothing compared to your cold. A friend of mine has been en Canada at Christmas and when he came back to Spain he was in short sleeves, after being in the cold there. A kiss and goodnight!!!"

    My guess is that somebody in Spain is writing to somebody in Canada.

    No, doesn't sound like they're upset at all.

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